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Michael & Rianna Kendrick
and Crew

Meet the Kendrick Family!

Michael & Rianna Kendrick have lived in Mountain View all their lives.  As a matter of fact...some of their distant family were instrumental in starting and designing the Ozark RV Park.  Blueprints still exist with family members of this very Park.  It is important to keep the flavor and integrity of the Park as it always has been with some improvements!  Michael and Rianna will share their "roots" of living local along with helping you have the best time ever in our great town.  Michael & Rianna live on-site to ensure your stay is the best we can provide with a twist of country flavor.  


MEMORIES... live on through the generations even though the times change our world. The music that is a staple in Mountain View continues as the younger generation takes on learning the traditional music that has been part of our history in Mountain View with our Folk Music and Bluegrass musicians at the Courthouse Square and other venues. 


FRIENDSHIPS... made here are still going strong and many meet back at the Ozark RV Park yearly to celebrate those relationships.  Visiting Mountain View, Arkansas is a step back in time to a slower way of life.  Staying at the Ozark RV Park can also give you a step back in time as you slow down, breath the fresh air and relax!  And remember....if you don't have an RV (recreational vehicle) - we have four (4) cabins on-site and one (1) RV Rental just waiting to be reserved!  


THE TEAM....invite you to come visit our little “oasis” in the trees….right next to the Ozark Folk Center State Park…come listen to some music, cast a fishing line into the famous White River just 5 minutes away from the Park and enjoy the many outdoor activities in and around the area. And when you visit the Park - be on the lookout for our giant 6 foot metal ROOSTER named "Dandy Andy".  When you see him you will know you are at the RIGHT PLACE!

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